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Peter Effenberger
Peter Effenberger
Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB)
Head of Division Investment & Innovation
Tel: +49 331 – 73061-201
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Verena Klemz
Verena Klemz
Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB)
Head of Regional Office Central/West Brandenburg
Tel: +49 331 - 73061-237
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Torsten Maerksch
Torsten Maerksch
Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB)
Head of Regional Office South Brandenburg and Deputy Head of Department of Regional Offices
Tel: +49 355 - 78422-14
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Service packages

The Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB) provides comprehensive services for all matters relating to business and work, all from a single source. Whether it’s consultation on potentially setting up a business in Brandenburg, using a capital-widening investment to expand a location, support with technology projects or looking for motivated skilled workers – WFBB’s sector and regional experts will be happy to help. Free of charge and confidential.

The WFBB – at home in Lusatia

The WFBB is represented across Brandenburg at five regional centres. The two centres relevant for the Brandenburg part of Lusatia are South Brandenburg in Cottbus and Central/West Brandenburg in Potsdam.

Thanks to our close collaboration with the investment bank of the state of Brandenburg, the chambers of commerce and industry and the major central organisations of the regional economic development agency and other partners, we can also offer you access to a skilled and efficient network for your success in Lusatia and beyond.

The WFBB service packages:
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Service package for investments

From finding a location, the completion of your business premises and support with finance planning to application for funding programmes, attracting skilled employees and qualification.

Nummer 2

Service package for innovation

From guidance for innovation processes or the market launch of innovative products and guidance for funding programmes to making applications, establishing contact with scientific institutions, networking and attracting a qualified workforce.

Nummer 3

Service package for qualified employees

From support in finding skilled and unskilled workers and qualifying your employees to making it easier to balance work life and family.

Nummer 4

Service package for internationalisation

From preparing for foreign business, support with market development and establishing contact with business partners in other countries to finding funding programmes and participation in business trips and trade fairs.

Nummer 5

Service package for energy

From evaluation of measures to reduce energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency to introducing energy management systems, initial consultation and finding funding programmes.

Nummer 6

Service package for start-ups

From the idea to the business plan, from financing to consolidation, from detailing your growth strategy to going international or preparing for a succession plan.