Rainer Pilz
Landkreis Elbe-Elster
Director Amt für Strukturentwicklung und Kultur
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In the triangle between Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig

The Elbe-Elster district is located in southern Brandenburg, in the immediate vicinity of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, in the triangle between the cities of Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig. It is home to 104,000 people and covers 1,900 km².

Economic structure shaped by SMEs

The largest and economically most important town in the district is Finsterwalde, with a population of 16,500. Finsterwalde is also part of the West Lusatia regional growth centre, with special funding opportunities.

This area offers the potential to join forces with people with the dedication and passion to make a difference. A strong agricultural sector, popular tourist attractions and an innovative economy all make the Elbe-Elster region a viable choice.

World market players are based here, as are a large number of SMEs, offering innovation for individual and discerning customer requirements.

A region worth living in

The district is an ideal place to live. The Elbe-Elster region is one of Germany’s safest districts and provides good medical care thanks to its three Elbe-Elster-Klinikum hospital sites.

If you are looking to wind down and get away from it all, you can find forests and wetlands, vast fields, meadows, rivers, lakes and more.

The Lower Lusatian Heath Nature Park combines natural landscapes with the intriguing legacy of decades of human activity.