Jürgen Vogler
Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB)
Head of Division Investition & Innovation
Tel: +49 331 730 61 201
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Andreas Lippert
Saxony Economic Development Corporation
Head of Department (Vice President) Acquisition, Inward Investment
Tel: +49 351 – 2138-211
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Central & dynamic

Lusatia is a dynamic economic region and acts as a hub due to its central location in Europe.

Christoph Scholze
Christoph Scholze
Head of Site Development
Siemens Innovation Campus

Lusatian companies have enormously strong expertise in the fields of energy, mechanical & plant engineering as well as plastics & lightweight construction. This is ideally complemented by the very renowned research and science landscape in the region. The Siemens Innovation Campus in Görlitz will combine these skills in a progressive way and thus strengthen the innovative capacity of Lusatia in the long term.

Testimonial Sascha Pawel
Dr. Sascha Pawel
SKAN Deutschland GmbH

“Our site in Görlitz serves to produce the majority of SKAN’s pharmaceutical isolators for the international market. Continuously growing at high double-digit numbers from the start, through initial scale out and several expansions, the site has taken over a leading role in our supply chain network only a few years after founding on the greenfield. This success is made possible by our great and professional team and excellent business conditions in the Lusatia region.”

Testimonial Martin Arnold
Martin Arnold
Belimo Automation Deutschland GmbH

The Belimo Automation Corporation from Switzerland decided on the Lusatian part of Saxony as the location for founding a subsidiary in order to establish a second strong foothold in the euro area and to strengthen its presence in this economic region. Eventually, the vicinity to Dresden was the perfect choice due to its well developed logistical infrastructure, the excellent reputation of the technical universities, the significance as an important intersection between Eastern and Western Europe and, last but not least, because German is spoken here. The experience gained so far since the company was founded in April 2019 has been very positive. We have been able to build up a highly motivated team that is very flexible to cope well with the planned continuous growth and that is prepared to work for Belimo with a high level of commitment.

Testimonial Thomas Zügel
Thomas Zügel
THOLEG, Civil Protection Systems, Welzow

“Wir sind Ihr Partner, wenn es um die Zusammenführung von Robotik und Katastrophenschutz geht. Wir haben uns bewusst für eine Ansiedlung in der Lausitz entschieden. Nirgends in Deutschland herrscht derzeit so eine positive Aufbruchstimmung wie hier. Die Region punktet mit idyllischen Landschaften, optimal nutzbaren Gewerbeflächen und mit vielseitigen Fördermöglichkeiten. Noch dazu wird man von allen Seiten unterstützt. Hier lebt man den Neubeginn und Innovationen kennen keine Grenzen. Deshalb sind wir hier.”

The most favourable local taxes throughout Germany
Investment funding – grant of up to 40 %
Innovation funding – grant of up to 3 million euros
Digitalisation voucher worth up to 600,000 euros
Up to 10,000 euros grant per employee
Border bonus
Top grant for investments up to 10 % possible

What makes Lusatia so special for investors?

  • Strong industries with distinctive competences determine the economic profile and provide space for development.
  • Innovations are a unifying theme across all industries. A diverse science and research landscape ensures a high development potential for investors.
  • Motivated specialists and employees are one of the region’s success factors. They are the basis of investors’ economic success. And they find first-class conditions for living and working in Lusatia.