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Strong region in the south-east

In the south-east of the state of Brandenburg, between the major German cities of Berlin and Dresden and the prospering Wrocław in Poland, the Spree-Neisse district spans from the Oberspreewald forest in the north-west to the Neisse river in the east. With a surface area of 1,657 km², it covers a large territory of Lower Lusatia with shared traditions and unique cultural and economic features.

Living tradition

The administrative headquarters are located in the district town of Forst (Lusatia), which has a population of roughly 18,000, a surface area of 110.59 km² and old economic traditions.

The remaining 96,000 inhabitants of the district live in the towns of Guben, Spremberg, Drebkau, Welzow, in the independent municipalities of Schenkendöbern, Neuhausen/Spree and Kolkwitz and in the collective municipalities of Peitz, Döbern-Land and Burg (Spreewald).

Roughly 10 % of the district population belong to the Slavic ethnic group Sorbs/Wends, a minority living in eastern Germany.

Superbly positioned location for business, science and technology

The urban district of Cottbus is located in the heart of the Spree-Neisse district. With a population of roughly 100,000 and diverse cultural and retail facilities, Cottbus is the regional centre of Lusatia and is also home to many state authorities.

Together with the city of Cottbus, the Spree-Neisse district has modern training and research facilities, such as Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg. The region is therefore a superbly positioned location for business, science and technology and provides the best conditions not only for education and training but also for the advancement and development of innovative and technology-oriented collaborations between companies and science.

Logistics and industry hub Forst (Lusatia)

As a business location, Forst (Lusatia) focuses predominantly on the metal construction industry, logistics sector, construction, the services sector, textiles and agriculture.

The logistics and industry hub Forst (Lusatia) is a large-scale commercial and industrial location with a terminal for intermodal transport along with a private rail network connection to the industrial area and various facilities for all sorts of services.

“Schwarze Pumpe” industrial estate

The “Schwarze Pumpe” industrial estate near Spremberg is home to one of Europe’s most advanced brown coal power plants.

In the long-established industrial area, which spans the state border between Brandenburg and Saxony, new businesses benefit from major potential for synergy. Alongside energy technology companies, companies from the chemicals and plastics sectors and metal and paper production are also located on the industrial site.

The location’s strengths include its own waterworks, two industrial wastewater treatment plants, availability of technical gases and services such as its own fire brigade, site security, site medical services, maintenance, logistics and laboratory services.